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We are a family run business. Our staff combined, have over 100 years of experience in the fresh fish industry. They understand and care about our customer’s needs.


We are proud of our team’s strong knowledge and diligence when it comes to delivering the highest standards.  Their strengths in filleting and preparing beautiful fish is one that our customers rely on especially in catering where portioning is key.


Left school at 17 to begin work as a Shipping Clerk then when 19 started life as a Sales Representative with Welch & Sons Confectionery of Tyneside before starting his own business, The Friendly Fisherman in 1992.  Rod became the owner of Linton Seafoods in 2007 and has seen the portfolio of quality customers rise year after year.

Rod Dennis

Managing Director

Joined the Friendly Fisherman in 2002 & followed his dad when he bought Linton Seafoods so that Rod could go on more holidays & leave the business with someone he can trust! Mark does the early morning markets to get the best fish available, office work, delivering, filleting, boning & skinning, vacuum packing, basically everything! Like his dad he concentrates on building up a rapport with his customers, this has proved vital for the growing business in the last few years.

Mark Dennis

Assistant Managing Director

Nicola has been with Linton Seafoods for over 2 years after running a successful family pub restaurant business in Kent.

Nicola Dennis

General Manager

Chris has worked for Linton Seafoods for 20 years and is a specialist in the preparation of fish before it is delivered to customers, quality control liaising with other chefs who may need advice.

Chris Smith

Prep Chef


Unit 2, Branbridges Industrial Estate

Branbridges Road, East Peckham, Tonbridge, TN12 5HF


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